Conductive Quick Connector

Conductive Quick connector with double seal ring radial seal structure, rubber modified by O - ring, mainly for fluid and the physical, chemical properties of custom, prevent aging, corrosion, swelling; O - ring have intermediate spacer ring separated, two sealing rings of the corresponding event space, the rubber matrix bonding does not occur, the external O-ring using synthetic rubber, enhanced mechanical properties, prevent air aging. Sealing ring and a spacer ring through the outer ring of the elastic bayonet device firmly fixed in the shell, does not produce seal off and shift phenomenon produced. Greatly ensure the safety of the seal.

Quick connector composed of a connector housing, O - ring, O - ring, a spacer ring, outer ring, a self-locking buckle, when another pipe adapter (male connector) insert joint, because of the self-locking buckle has certain elasticity with buckle fastener can connect the two connectors together, then pulled back, ensure that the installation in place so fast joint can play a role. Disassembly and maintenance as long as the first to promote the positive joint and press and hold the self-locking buckle at both ends of the buckle buttons, the self-locking expansion in the middle, you can easily pull out the connector, re connect forward should use SAE 30, heavy oil lubrication.

The electric conduction fast joint is mainly in the medium of methanol gasoline and ethanol gasoline.. It has the overall structure, the best sealing effect. Can work under pressure 10bar. The engine area temperature is suitable for the short time of the -40 up to +110 to reach the +150 degree (about half an hour).

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