Quick Connector

Shinyfly Quick connector is composed of body, in O-ring, spacer ring, out O-ring, securing ring and locking spring. When inserting another pipe adapter(male end piece) into the connector, since the locking spring has certain elasticity, the two connectors can be connected together with the buckle fastener, and then pull back to ensure the installation in place. In this way, the quick connector will work. During maintenance and disassembly, first push in male end piece, then press locking spring end till expansion from the middle, the connector can be easily pulled out. Lubricated with SAE 30 heavy oil before re-connecting.

Shinyfly Quick Connectors are designed and produced strictly in accordance with the SAE J2044-2009 standards (Quick Connect Coupling Specification for Liquid Fuel and Vapor/Emission Systems).

Innovative, secure, [quickfit" - Shinyfly quick connect fittings are made of synthetic materials and suitable for most media fluid transmission systems. Whether it's fuel, cooling water, oil vapor or urea SCR systems, we can always provide you with efficient and reliable connections as well as the best solution.

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